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Dislocated hip replacement, Loose knee replacement and Fracture around a hip resurfacing

Failing joint replacements and resurfacing”

Joint replacement, in which an orthopaedic surgeon replaces the arthritic areas of a joint with a metal, plastic or ceramic implant, has given millions of people around the world a new lease of life.

Unfortunately, when the implant wears out or another problem develops, people often need a second surgery in which the existing implant or components have to be taken out and replaced.

The most common reasons for revision include:

  • Loosening of the implant. The hip or knee replacement may become painful after many years because the components have begun to wear and loosen.
  • A fracture. A fall or severe blow can cause a fracture of the bone near the hip or knee replacement.
  • Dislocation. If the implant dislocates on repeated occasions, revision surgery is frequently needed to stop this from happening.
  • Infection. When a deep infection develops in a hip or knee replacement, revision is often needed to eradicate the infection and to implant new non-infected components.
  • Implant recall. On occasion, the implant used in joint replacement is found to have a problem and patients who received the implant are advised to be monitored by their Consultant to make sure it does not need replacement. Revision surgery is sometimes necessary when an implant is recalled.
Patients should be informed by their Consultant of warning signs that there may be a problem, such as pain that comes on suddenly or trouble getting around. Anyone with a joint replacement experiencing these symptoms should see their doctor immediately.

A revision joint replacement tends to be more complex than the initial operation and many surgeons that feel comfortable performing primary joint replacements will refer their patients to an expert in revision surgery.

Mr Foguet is a high volume revision surgeon that year on year performs between 3 and 4 times the number of revision hip and knee replacements than the average UK based surgeon. Read More Here

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